Liz Eyes

 Wished I had had a class like this to attend with Sky.
This is written by someone who definitely knows how it feels to be owned by a fearful dog.  Loved the total attention to  details the understanding of the fear of not only the dog but the owner too. The isolation that is felt by the owner. and not knowing how to help the dog.  I loved the total attention to detail keeping all dogs and handlers safe, from the time they left the cars and waked across the car park to enter the building by a designated door to entering their training area behind barriers (each training pair entering one by one) . Because the trainers would be so nervous about taking their dogs into a class environment, I really liked that they attended the first  class on their own without their dogs to enable them to learn the mechanical skills of clicker training and of course get to know the building, the other handlers and assistants.
I absolutely loved the double lead method, (I used a double ended lead and two different pieces of equipment for safety for Sky) wish I had thought about two leads and handing one lead to Barry to help.  I know she mentions one exercise in particular that really helped me and that's the U. turn. love the get behind exercise. . I really like the fact that the assistants do not go too close but are always there if needed to help,  provide treats if running out... etc etc. and always go with handler and dog when exiting and entering building so they are their eyes and ears and keep them safe. This is a book with real attention to detail that all handlers with fearful dogs have to learn if they want to keep their dogs safe and help them.  I could go on and on about it, definitely going to order the book so I can keep going back over and over it.  in fact it has jogged my memory and I will be teaching Fleck the U turn just in case we need to escape at anytime. and also the go behind. which is very useful should I want Fleck to be out of reach of dog or person. .She describes everything in this book including when you should up your re enforcement rate. I could go on and on... I love this book. I love these classes.