Liz Eyes

After over 15 years and thousands of clients I have taken the time to sit down and gather all this experience into more than a new edition, it's a whole new book!

CTCfrontcover 2048x In my new book, The New Click to Calm: Solutions for All Dogs in a Challenging World, I have not only updated the Click to Calm protocol to enable more rapid behavior change but she teaches us how to apply it to help dogs with more common, less intense behavioral issues. Most importantly, I show you how to give dogs the ultimate gifts—the resilience, awareness, and behavioral repertoire to navigate new, unpredictable, and ever-changing environments safely and calmly.

With an empathetic ear, keen eye, and a calm confidence earned from helping thousands of canine caregivers navigate difficult situations, I provide both the inspiration you want and the practical help you need. Filled with compelling case studies, photo illustrations, and more than 40 exercises, The New Click to Calm teaches pet owners and experienced trainers how to:

  • teach your dog that a “trigger” is a cue to look to you for further direction
  • train “emergency behaviors” and how to use them to keep you, your dog, and others safe
  • escort your dog away from brewing trouble calmly
  • deal with loud, obnoxious drama at the door
  • bolster the confidence of your shy dog
  • desensitize your dog to the approach of strange dogs
  • stop dangerous defensiveness over food
  • and more

Whether you’re worried about your dog’s safety or the safety of others, The New Click to Calm provides practical solutions for living in today’s challenging world.

"If you have a dog that won't let you take his toy away without snapping at you or a dog that pulls with too much enthusiasm when he sees another dog in the distance, The New Click to Calm provides answers and plans that can help you find a solution. The New Click to Calm should be a go-to resource for all trainers and for anyone who wants a road map to help navigate the challenges many dogs face living in our busy human world."
Ken Ramirez, EVP and Chief Training Officer, KPCT

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